Hi, I'm Amber & I'm ready to help crush your business goals! ​​

I'll get you back to the important things in life, like:

  • Your Family & Friends
  • Creating Your Awesome Products
  • Spending More Time on Self Care
  • Connecting to Your Fans
  • Less Screen Time!

I Started as a Handmade Seller

I have tried my hand at several different online businesses over the years. Nothing really stuck after several attempts, and I decided I’d give it up. After a few years working traditional jobs, and finally ending up with severe depression, I made the decision to try one more time in the online business arena.

I had great success doing crochet work and pattern sales in an online Etsy shop (that I’m still running and loving!), when a friend asked me to help her with some graphics for a sale she was going to do. One task turned into two, then turned into five, and the rest as they say is history.

Working with Small Business Owners is My Favorite!

I love working with small business owners as a virtual assistant and working on growing their businesses! I am in that world and understand the unique quirks that come along with it. I am passionate about bringing as many eyes to your business as I can, because I believe the more people see your amazing work. the better chance they have of becoming raving fans!  

As a virtual assistant, I try to anticipate what you’re going to need, before you need it! I love writing copy for your website, online selling platform, or in an email that sounds just like you, only better! I think my favorite thing to do is work with Pinterest. I love taking it to a whole new level and watch the sales double or triple for you. I do a happy dance (albeit somewhat awkwardly…) whenever you get a sale! 

A Little Fun Stuff About Me

I am the oldest of four kids, I have six nephews that I can’t get enough of, I have a slight (okay, not so slight) addiction to Diet Coke, and I love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big Bang Theory, This is Us & random documentaries. I crochet now as a side gig instead of my full time income and it’s a great way for me to relax. 

I’ve been married to my other half January of 2007. We met online in 2004 before meeting online was even a thing! He is a born and raised Nashville native boy and I was raised in the west in Utah.

We have gone through a lot of life’s ups and downs together and between four cross country moves, several jobs, and other life events we somehow still love being together. He’s a very talented bass player, and we enjoy heading to his various gigs together and doing some out of town traveling when we can.

Are You Ready to Start Working Together?

If you’d like to get started crushing those business goals, take a quick minute to fill in this survey and I’ll get back to you ASAP! 

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