Handmade Sellers Most Requested VA Tasks!

So let’s say you read thisĀ blog post. And then let’s imagine that you’ve decided that hiring a V.A. is right for you and your handmade biz. Go you! You’re all fired up, you’ve made the decision on who to hire, (It wasn’t me, but whatever, I’m over it…) and now you sit trying to make a list of what you feel like handing off to her.

The problem is, you can’t figure out what to delegate and what to tackle yourself. Some parts of your handmade biz are things you need to be on top of yourself, such as creating the products you sell, taking photos and being the face of your brand. Other things, however, can be given to someone else to do. They do need to be done, but not necessarily by you! Below I’ve collected a list of nine things you can outsource to your VA right away and get back to creating your products!

What Kinds of Tasks Should You Give to Your Virtual Assistant?

What Kinds of Tasks Should You Give to Your Virtual Assistant Handmade--off your plate

Social Media

This is perhaps the most herculean task that handmade sellers face. You know you should be on social media, but there are so many of them out there, you’re not sure where to start focusing your efforts. Beyond that, you’re not sure what to even share, let alone how to format and promote it. What are hashtags and why should I use them? Why am I supposed to even be doing this instead of focusing on making my handmade products? How many characters go in a Tweet? Is it even called Tweeting?

In my experience, handmade clients are the most frustrated and fastest to hand off their social media projects to their VA. You and your VA can sit down and brainstorm some topics, and come up with some pictures that will fit into those topics together. Then you can turn it over to your awesome assistant! She will edit the pictures (if needed) write captions, and get the posts scheduled. Viola! You are now free to just respond to the comments and interact with your fans! (AKA the fun part!)

Handmade Sellers on Pinterest

Next to social media, Pinterest is one of the most often handed off tasks to a VA for handmade sellers. You know you need to be on Pinterest because your products are awesome (just like the person who made them!) and the world needs to see them. But where do you even start? The energy required to create beautiful images ready for Pinterest, not to mention taking the time to pin 10-12 times a day is just too much! What should you be pinning? Should you be using your own images? What kinds of boards should you be creating? All questions that circle in your mind.

Once again your awesome VA is coming to the rescue! She will go over your current Pinterest account with you (if you haven’t set one up yet, you should get started here for free!) and come up with some ideas on what boards would fit best into what you already have going. She will curate the perfect combo of pins and products that fit seamlessly into your brand but are still a little outside your comfort zone to bring in more customers. Which makes Pinterest more enjoyable for you, because you can now just sit back and relax with your phone and look at all the pretty pictures.

Copywriting (Blog Posts, Emails, etc.)

You are a boss babe when it comes to running your biz. You have definitely got a handle on listing your products on Etsy, Shopify, and Handmade at Amazon. You’re the shiz when it comes to creating those products, and taking amazing photos. But when it comes to writing blog posts, or emails to customers, you start to stress out.

Your VA can help you write blog posts, format them, get the marketing going out to the various places to promote it. She can write amazing emails announcing your new product launch, or a monthly newsletter detailing your month. This will free you up to do what you love, create your products!

Graphic Creation for Your Handmade Products

You’ve seen all those beautiful images on Pinterest but you’re never quite sure how to create them. Or maybe you know how, but can’t find the time to get to it. Say you need an image or a quote for social media, but you just can’t get the creative juices flowing to come up with one. Maybe you are coming out with a new giveaway or a product launch and you want to showcase this awesomeness to the world. But what to put on the graphic?

Your VA can take this task and work her magic on it. She can make up your graphics in no time, and get them ready to go out into the world. Working with graphic programs and creating simple images is one of the myriads of tasks that she is able to do in a very short time, which will make everyone in your life happier!

Calendar & Scheduling

You have a crazy busy life. You have to run your biz, keep the small humans alive, remember you have a better half that needs to see you every once in a while, volunteer at church, and try to take time for self-care. How is one woman supposed to keep everything straight?

Your VA can help take over your scheduling and keeping your calendar up to date. From business appointments, client requests, and the dentist appointment at two tomorrow because they can finally fit you in, your VA can take all of that off your plate. And then you can just show up for things and feel like a badass because you’re doing it all!


I hope you have found some good ideas about what tasks you could give to your VA. And if you can’t find anything on this list of things that you’d feel comfortable outsourcing to your VA, then talk to her about the areas of your life and your biz that you feel you’re struggling with, and she can help suggest some things she can help out with.

It really is just about good communication. If you talk to her and let her know what you expect, you can rest easy knowing that she will get stuff done. And in return, you will be less stressed and happier because your time has been freed up. What tasks do you love doing for your biz? Which ones are a huge time suck and you just loathe doing them? Let’s talk about them below!

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