As a handmade seller, you get to do so many different things all at once for your business. Being on social media is no exception. And with the ever-changing landscape of social media, (and new platforms cropping up all the time!) it’s sometimes hard to avoid the overwhelm and chose the right path for your business.

How do you tell which ones will work best for you? Should you be on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or all of them? You’re a small handmade seller! You don’t have the time, energy or resources to manage all the things!

Luckily I’m here, your trusty Virtual Assistant, to give you the skinny on what I think are the best platforms to be on for your handmade business! The good news is that you don’t have to be on all of them! You can chose one or two to get started and still reach a ton of people. In fact, sometimes you will reach a more focused engaged crowd because you’re zeroing in on your target market and not spreading yourself too thin.

​Keep reading for my top three recommendations!

Are You Using The Right Social Media Platform for Your Handmade Biz?

1. Pinterest

As handmade sellers, we are very visual creatures. (At least I am!) When we go to look for new ideas, or inspiration for a new product, where’s the first place you head? Pinterest!

It’s classified as social media, but it’s technically a visual search engine. Everyone goes to Pinterest these days (even celebrities!) to look at the pretty pictures and get inspired. Putting your products out on Pinterest is probably the best first step in breaking into the social media realm for your business.

With great images and a great description filled with awesome keywords, your products will be out in the Pinterest world for all to see. The best part? Pins on Pinterest are literally there forever. So if you put a lot of quality images out there, you will see a ton of return on that effort.

*Pro Tip: Get your virtual assistant to start scheduling your pins on Pinterest ahead of time. This is a game-changing business hack that will save you literally hundreds of hours a year and still have your marketing strategy going on in the background!

2. Instagram

Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a very visual platform. The part I think is great about Instagram that Pinterest doesn’t have, is the community. On Instagram, you are able to connect with your audience and relate to their lives in a much more personal way than you ever could through your website, shop or search engine.

Studies have shown that a person has to interact with your brand at least seven times before they’re ready to make a purchase. Well, what better way to get in front of them than to be on Instagram? (All the cool kids are doing it!) Instagram is a place to build that know, like, and trust factor in a much more laid back way when it comes to social media platforms.

With an abundance of programs and apps that allow for scheduling your social media posts, your Virtual Assistant can get a month of posts ready to go in a couple of hours and it will save you so much time that maybe you can spare a few minutes to watch that silly dog video that Ellen just posted…

3. Facebook

Facebook is probably the top site in the world right now and especially among social media platforms. Facebook is usually the first place people go to research a company these days. Being on Facebook gives your handmade biz a little more credibility. Added bonus, is the community building that you can do on Instagram can be done here as well.

A lot of your content can be similar on these two platforms, just make sure to format it correctly for the platform that you’re on. (Or let your VA do it for you!)

Which social media platforms are you on for your handmade biz? Are you excited to try any of these three suggestions? Why or why not? Let’s talk about it in the comments!